As customer demand for information continues to grow, the depth and volume of data required has simply outgrown the old delivery methods. To solve this issue, Lowe’s has partnered with Edgenet to provide a better product data management platform for all vendors to manage products and send marketing data.

Lowe’s and Edgenet maintain a coordinated brand list with all Lowe’s brands. If there is a brand name missing that you require, email Lowe’s will work with you on setting up the brand name at Lowe’s, and then Lowe’s sends an updated brand list to Edgenet.

Does Edgenet Have all the Approved Lowe's Brand Names?

Yes, Lowe’s has sponsored Edgenet accounts for the entire vendor base and expects all Vendors to syndicate their marketing data via the Edgenet platform.

Do All Suppliers Have to Participate?

Do I Need to Change My GDSN Provider?

No. Choose the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) provider that best meets your GDSN needs. If you need GDSN services or want to change your provider, Edgenet is a GDSN Certified Data Pool and can offer a quote.

No, your Edgenet account has been sponsored through Lowe’s Data Collection Program. You will not be charged by Edgenet to send your marketing data to Lowe’s. This does not include GDSN services.

Are There Any Costs for Vendors?

A privately-held, Nashville-based company with a divisional office in Milwaukee, Edgenet is a software as a service (SaaS) provider that offers the premier suite of product content and configuration solutions.

About Edgenet

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Contact Information

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Tutorials and Training

A complete data management platform.

Visit the Edgenet Support Hub for helpful training and tutorial videos to get the most out of your data and help you every step of the way!

The benefits of Edgenet

Centralized Repository

Edgenet simplifies the management and maintenance of your data offering one single location for all of your product content.

Enhanced Data Quality

Edgenet's integrated Data Quality Engine performs thousands of validations to ensure not only the completeness, but also the accuracy of your data.

Unlimited Digital Asset Storage

Product images, detailed shots, lifestyle images, marketing & instructional videos, spec sheets, PDFs, planograms and more. Whatever the format, whatever the size, you can store it in Edgenet.

Upload Options

Edgenet's platform allows you the flexibility to load data directly into the application, through smart spreadsheets, or import feeds from your system to ours.

Training & Support

Let Edgenet help you get the most from your product data. We offer a dedicated Help Center that features self-paced learning, hosted training webinars and even in-person workshops.

Access From Anywhere

It's in the cloud! Assign users and grant permissions, making workflows in your company so much easier. No more siloed information!

Common Questions

Learn how to publish your GDSN data to Lowe's 

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GDSN Publication Training

GDSN Publication Training

Lowe's Marketing 
Data Guide

Domestic: Item Setup Process Flow

Need help setting up a new item? This 7-step guide can help.

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Important FAQs

Looking for important information and FAQs for Lowe's vendor training?

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Image Attribute Names

Quick guide to compare Lowe's and Edgnet image attribute names.

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Training & Resource Material

Is "Lowe's Core Marketing" the Same Thing as GDSN?

GDSN and Lowe’s Core Marketing are a different set of attributes. GDSN data is inputted into your GDSN provider’s portal, passed to GS1 and a subscription is sent on to Lowe’s. Lowe’s Core Marketing is the information from the MDS that vendors had previously entered on the builder file. It is often referred to as Product Specific Selling Attributes (PSSAs). This data is inputted into Edgenet and sent on to Lowe’s.

Are you a new supplier and need to get started with Edgenet?

Fill Out Company Information Form

You'll need your Lowe's VBU number(s), Primary and Billing contact information and your company Global Location Number (GLN).



Attend an Onboarding Session

You will receive an email from Edgenet with available times to choose from. An onboarding specialist will walk you through account setup. 


Send your Product Data to Lowe's

After your onboarding session you'll need to setup your products through the Edgenet platform. The Edgenet team is here to guide you along the way. 

Import: Item Setup Process Flow

Need help setting up a new item? This 7-step guide can help.

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Selling Restrictions

Entering selling age & shipping restrictions for Lowe’s items

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Lowe's Import Data Collection Process Video

A quick video overview for Import Vendors:


Lowe's Import Data Entry Guide

Important info for 
Import Vendors:

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Import Port Codes

A comprehensive list of port codes:

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